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City of Cowan

"Nestled in the Foothills of the Cumberlands"

City of Cowan

The town of Cowan dates from the mid-19th century and developed mostly as a railroad town. It was the site where several branch lines met the main Nashville to Chattanooga trunk of the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway which ran through the important Cowan Tunnel.

As the last stop before the uphill climb onto the nearby Cumberland Plateau, pusher engines to assist trains in making the steep ascent were based there, and are still in use today.[…]

  • City Council


  • Mayor Joyce Brown
  • Vice Mayor Mark Ledbetter
  • Chairmen
    • Anthony Ingle
    • Chuck Stines
    • Ben Merrill
    • Kimberly Shelton


  • Planning Commission


  • Chairman Raymond Council
  • Co-Chair Mark Ledbetter
  • Members
    • Mayor Joyce Brown
    • Brenda Johnson
    • Ben Merrill
    • Karen Morris


  • City Services


  • Chief of Police Earnest Colvin  
    • 931.962.0110
  • Fire Chief Tommy Myers
  • Board of Public Utilities Supervisor Kenny Henshaw
    • 931.967.1922
  • Street and Sanitation Supervisor Steve Wilkinson
    • 931.967.1922
    Building Inspector Dennis Doney
    • 931.224.6845


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Call FC Dispatch at any time to reach an on-duty Cowan Police Officer

  • 931.967.2331